This WEB site is a site for users to support events in the game of Xbox360. This site is written in English but with Japanese-only site is cool.


For Xbox360 "Forza4" is done in eight hours endurance race three times in the New Year. Awards provide an excellent painting and car paint sent to the glittering prize this year!

Special details at the linked site. Currently looking for a race participant. Please register come easily. Welcome from beginner to advanced.




Personal blog, which runs the WEB site. Blog updated daily with depth of capture elements of life including spear.

The official Xbox website. I'm still heavy pages I have come better.

Official community site you can find a clan or friends or find on the WEB. Was not at all over recent use.

what’s NEW

Third Forza4 8-hour endurance race, a special site open!

  Renewal WEB SITE!

I was released I Forza4, all over it very interesting and I

Buzzword of the year award, "Taiwan'm going a little" It's.

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8-hour endurance race in the New Year once Forza2http://mariahiggy.blog.shinobi.jp/Entry/208/
First CoD4 tournament with Xbox360http://moonx.suki-ari.net/cod4-index.htm
Second CoD4 Tournament by Xbox360http://moonx.suki-ari.net/cod4-2index.htm
Held jointly with Mr. ARMS, two hours endurance with defense strategy GRAW2.http://moonx.suki-ari.net/graw2-index.htm
The Second Tire Garden Ogaki Cuphttp://moonx.suki-ari.net/forza2-tgo2-index.htm


Second 8-hour endurance race in the New Year with Forza3http://tyoku6.ni-3.net/Entry/83/